Smart Hospital & Healthcare

with Voice and Vision AI

About company

CAVU is a Smart Hospital & Healthcare solution company with Voice and Vision AI technology.

We specialize in automating medical data entry, search & integrate with EHR through voice AI.

And Voice AI solution to detect, screen and predict human condition and disease.

  • Established CAVU in Korea in March, 2019 with Silicon Valley Medical Professionals and Engineers for global healthcare market
  • World First Smart OR(operating room) project with SNUBH
  • Developing Voice AI solution to listen human condition : disease for detecting, screening and predicting Depression, Alzheimer and others.
  • The solution provident of partnership under discussion with ASR, Voice, Biomarker and NLP/NLU.


Our Team

Hobin Kim, MA Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur with 25 years Consulting, Tech strategy & Product marketing & Sales/Business development at InfoTech, Manex, NuCross & Seevider in Silicon Valley, US.

Eunsung Kim, CS Ph.D. Candidate Co-Founder, CTO

Broad Experience for software development professional over Cloud/Distribution Service, Mobile App, Blockchain & AI Professional, worked at Neptune, KISTI.

Josh Seaman Co-Founder, VP, Product Management

15+ years in hospital efficiency management. Lean Leader for Perioperative Care at major hospital in SF. Surgical Technologist at Brigham & Women’s, UCLA. Stanford, Massachusetts General Sutter Health.

Yoonjae Park, Co-Founder & COO

20 years as experienced Start-up & Corporate operation management professional for Financial Control, HR & Legal management, worked at.

David W. Eisele M.D. Adviser Andelot Professor of Laryngology and Otology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

His expertise and research interest are Carotid Body Tumors, Head and Neck Cancers, Head and Neck Surgery, Head and Neck Tumors.

Joann Rickley, MBA, BSN, RN, Director of Periop - Adviser

has been in healthcare for 43 years as a proven leader in the perioperative environment to assure optimal delivery of nursing practices & new technology adoption across perioperative areas. Has worked at healthcare service of Presbyterian, Stanford and UCSF hospital.

Prof. Atif Ansar Ph.D. Adviser Oxford Said Business School Professor

Project management & Entrepreneurship specialist Program Director, Saïd Business School University of Oxford.

Roberto Manduchi Ph.D. Adviser, UCSC Computer Science Professor

Computer Vision Deep Learning Specialist, Head of Vision Computing Lab @ UC Santa Cruz


Smart OR (Operting Room)

Automating Surgical Safety Checklist implementation and Operational efficiency in Operating Room through Voice AI.

Market pain

Manual checklist and compliance audits can be distracting and slow-down Workflow process and can easily be violated or falsified.

Our solution

Conversational AI integrated with E-checklist guides operating procedure and automate data entry to EHR. It can increase staff‘s operational efficiency and patient safety as well as regulatory compliance readiness.

Medical Data Transcribe & Search

Automate Medical Data Transcription

  • Automatic Recording of Clinical Data and Patient Conversation
  • Less Paperwork
  • Time Saving

EMR Data Entry, Navigation & Search by Voice

  • Easier Data Navigation for patient and Clinicians
  • Enhance Patient Care, Communication and Collaboration
  • Key feature for Smart OR

Health and Wellness Solution

Utilizing Voice AI algorithms to identify human condition and disease.

  • Has Identified Voice in Speech
  • Train Models(Algorithms)
  • Assistant solution to Doctors and Patients
  • Not Simply using ASR and Compare Individual’s Word Use from Audio to Pre-obtained Reference Speech Data
  • Voice Biomarker Engine for Smart Phone and Tablet to monitor Health and Wellness


분당서울대병원, AI 음성인식 스마트 수술실 구축 업무협약

병원측은 음성인식 기술을 이용해 수술실의 워크플로우(Workflow)를 자동화하는 솔루션이 개발되면 수술실 내 의료진의 업무 효율을 높일 수 있고, ‘타임아웃’과 같은 요소를 반영해 환자 안전성 향상에도 기여할 수 있을 것으로 기대하고 있다.

병원계에 부는 인공지능 기반 ‘스마트병원’ 바람

분당서울대병원은 지난 9월 3일 ㈜카부와 ‘AI기반 스마트 수술실 구축용 솔루션 연구개발’을 위한 업무협약을 체결했다. 양 기관은 MOU를 통해 스마트 수술실 솔루션의 공동연구 및 공동협력 분야 발굴 및 지원활동을 지속해서 수행하기로 했다.

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9F, 311, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Pepublic of Korea

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